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  This is a Journey that will positively change your life. You will manifest more love, well-being and prosperity.

  You will gain clarity and understanding of the world inside and outside yourself. You will develop the skills and the empowerment you need to respond, not react, to the challenges that arise in your daily life. 

You will discover the power that lies within yourself. You will acquire the tools needed to improve the relationship with yourself and others. All, through a series of interactive lectures and exercises and in an intimate space created by the program for you.  


  The program consists of 3 modules, and each module includes 5 gatherings, which are called “Tertulias.”  


I look forward to guiding you through this journey.


What is a Tertulia?

Tertulia is a regularly scheduled event held in private spaces, such as someone's living room where people talk about current affairs, themes of common interest, arts, etc. The word is originally Spanish.


The Art of Awareness™ is a program that empowers women with tools to gain clarity about what it is that their body, emotions, thoughts and soul are informing them in regards to the situation they are wanting to heal, so they can make the choices that will bring the needed transformation.

This process goes through 4 stages:


1. Becoming Aware

The first and most important step in the whole process is learning to be aware, that is, observing what is happening in your external and in your internal world regarding the situation without judgments or interpretations. It is about looking at any circumstance from an objective point of view.

2. Gaining Clarity

The same way that glasses help you see the object you are looking at with much more accuracy, awareness will help you have much more clarity on the particular situation you want to transform, that is, a better understanding of what is happening and why, and what is needed to be done differently for it to change, so you can take the actions that will result in your highest good and those who are involved. 

3. Making Choices

Once you have gained clarity on the situation, you become more capable to make the appropriate decisions that will lead you to achieve the needed personal lasting changes in beliefs, attitudes, habits, behaviors and intentions that will facilitate the process of meeting the challenges in your life. 

4. Transformation

Transformation: the result of making choices that lead to creating a new path in which you achieve your goals, happiness, and the wellbeing you desired.


Hi! I'm Karina

About Karina

I am the Founder of

The Awareness Journey Co

and the Creator of 

The Art of Awareness™ 

Due to my education as an Electronics Engineer and my fascination with the power of Energy I decided to embark on a journey to learn about different energy healing modalities.  I went back to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree from the four-year program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and became a BBS Healing Practitioner, a certified Life coach, a Family Constellator and a Flower Essences practitioner.

During my studies I discovered that by having clarity about  my body, my emotions, my thoughts, my beliefs, my feelings, and my energy field I was able to release the blockages that were affecting my happiness and my body's wellbeing. This allowed me to make conscious healthy choices that resulted in a more fulfilling and joyful life. 

Since then, out of my desire to share what has made my life a positive and rewarding one, I developed an empowerment process called The Art of Awareness™ which I have been using for many years with my clients in my private practice,  group coaching and workshops, as a tool to help them improve their well-being, self-esteem, relationships, and their ability to respond to daily challenges in a more proactive way.

Education and Contributions:

  • Creator of the Program The Art of Awareness™ 

  • Lifecoach, LCIOC

  • EFT

  • Family Constellations Therapy, Bert Hellinger

  • Hypnosis, NBPES

  • Colortherapy

  • B. Sc. Barbara Brennan School of Healing, USA

  • Medical Intuition con Caroline Myss

  • Bach Flowers

  • Co – creator Venezuelan flower essences "Terapia del Bosque Sagrado®"

  • MBA, IESA Venezuela

  • Electronic Engineering, USB Venezuela

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