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How to explain how this course has changed my life? How it has improved? How to explain that it has been so wonderful to be part of this experience and of such a special group where all our experiences could be shared without the fear to be judged? I have learned to love and understand myself. To love in a deeper way, appreciate, respect and accept my husband and my children as they are as well as their feelings. Thoroughly understand family relationships. Better understand my body and feelings. The power of the mind, to be able to analyze situations that we have to face in life. And an endless number of powerful moments that have been so emotional that more than once we released tears of love, gratitude and relief. How I have changed and been helped by this course? In infinite ways. To see life in a more conscious way. To see others with more understanding and less judgement. This has been very special to me. And I still have a thirst to keep learning more and more!! 

Karina, you are a very special guide and human being. Full of wonderful feelings and knowledge. Which you express in a manner so natural, fluid and exciting. Thank you to the life circumstances that allowed me to meet you and learn so much from you. Thank you for so much!!

Inval Vainstein

Silvia Haase de Bacal

I never imagined what I was going to encounter when I was invited to participate in the tertulias with Karina!!!!! It is incredible that from the exercises we did, the explanations given by her, and from the contributions from my peers, I began to see aspects of myself that I never imagined, and from there I learned neither to adjudge to others my flaws nor blame them for my problems. The hours shared with the group passed very quickly and it is something that I would like for all my acquaintances and friends to participate. Thanks to Karina and to all the participants!!!!

During the tertulias I learned many things, I had many new feelings and also unique experiences. I think that attending these gatherings have strengthened me as a woman, mother, wife and friend. Some of the most important lessons this course has given me has been to thank G-d every day of my life when I wake up and allowing myself to be here where I am, to be "Aware" of many details of the day to day, and to be able to understand more things of life and of the obstacles that life puts in front of us every day. 

I enormously appreciate Karina for teaching us so many really important and valuable things, that when we are learning them it is surprising how much we ignore. I think that is a great advantage to have these tertulias, and would recommend them as a gift we give to ourselves to learn and grow.

Karina Israel

My experience with "Awareness" has been very pleasing. I arrived with no expectations, I did not know much of what it was about, but each “Tertulia” turned out to be enriching and a useful tool for my everyday life. I learned a lot about acceptance and understanding, especially towards myself and, of course, of others. I recommend them!

Esther Aronowicz

What I have experienced in those tertulias has been powerful and inspiring. It has been time well spent. I have learned to know myself better, to be more clear of what I feel, to act in a more thoughtful way, and to have fewer judgments towards others, especially my children. Karina transmits the information in a clear and dynamic manner. What I liked the most were the discoveries I made thanks to the practical exercises.

Carolina Nadali

I have had the privilege of participating in the program of tertulias, an experience that has enriched my life with an awakening of consciousness through Awareness and a re-dimensioning of the concept of ego which allows me to perceive more clearly my motivations, my anxieties, and open ways for a more balanced life and fewer conflicts. Thanks Karina for being and for being by my side in this beautiful stage that I am living.

Silica Ciobataru

The tertulias have helped me in having a better understanding of myself, which has turn to be a gift. Now I am much more accepting, respectful, and loving of myself. 

Silvia Quintana

Applying the tools that I have learned in the tertulias has improved the quality of my relationships, especially with my husband. We have started to talk instead of fight when we have a disagreement. Leaning how to speak during conflict and putting my attention in what are each other’s needs has helped me feel more resourceful instead of feeling like a poor victim.

Irene Valdivia

I loved the classes and I recommend them to everyone; they are fun and I learned a lot about myself.

Michelle Feldman

My friends, who at that time I started the tertulias were only known people, became an important part of Me, they were not only the group that randomly touched me, but the perfect union of human beings so eager to learn, hear, express their opinions, tell their experiences and transform together with me — my friends and the tertulias!

These tertulias that started on a morning on Thursdays, have become over the years - my space for Me. My space to grow, to be aware of who I am in the world in which I live. To be a witness of my friends’ growth, to be more aware of those around me, and how others think, how I think, and how those thoughts influences others.

What a wonderful space! It has given me the best of me, and therefore to those around me. It is a space that has allowed me to express in intimacy what I feel, and what I learn, what I hear, what my friends hear. A space to learn to be more aware of who I am. And what do I deserve. In what way can I grow to be a better human being.

All this is thanks to these mornings, so interesting, deep, mysterious, jovial, these mornings of so much learning from myself that everything I feel and think can be transformed just by listening to yourself.

These mornings where the coffee tastes better! Karina's pancake is special, and the laughter and tears are wonderful!!!

Thank you, Karina, and my beloved friends of the tertulias, for making me grow internally and making me more aware of the world that surround us!

Thank you for always being there to be and make a better world! I love you.

Adriana Zisman

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